So we have a large Texan family here made up of friends in Los Angeles.  We're all struggling artists, actors, and writers, so we often spend the holidays here with each other.  The first year we lived here there were about 10 of us, this year it was a whopping 25!

Alex & Paul graciously opened up their adorable apartment in order to accommodate us all.  You haven't worked miracles until you fit 25 people in a one bedroom apartment for a sit down dinner.  We gathered all of our folding tables, Alex borrowed chairs and more tables, and I brought over our silverware and dishes just to have enough place settings.  So as Alex was cooking away and making sure the boys in back weren't burning the place down (we deep fried our turkey) I went to work on the table settings.

The tables were covered with a simple white table cloth and a runner made of cut burlap.  Alex sprayed the burlap with gold fabric glitter because glitter makes everything better.  She even spray painted gourds in gold and made candleholders by filling mason jars with popcorn kernels.  Essentially I foraged all around her apartment and did three full tables with all the cute stuff she created!

Simple floral arrangement.  Alex printed labels and covered the wine bottles, clever!

You'd never know it, but these gorgeous plates are from the dollar store. THE DOLLAR STORE!  

We used a sharpie to write the names on leaves gathered from outside.

We used a sharpie to write the names on leaves gathered from outside.

Look at these adorable cranberry jello shots.  We garnished them with a tiny sprig of rosemary and fresh cranberries dipped in honey and sugared.  Delicious!

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful group of friends here.  All the planning and prepping was worth it when we all sat down for one of the best Thanksgiving meals to date.