Not that long ago, we hosted our very first Thanksgiving.  It was a success and only one napkin caught on fire!

Our place is so tiny and we don't have a dining room, so a little furniture rearranging commenced.  Don't be afraid of entertaining because you don't think you have the space, you can always move pieces to make it work! We had a sit down dinner for twelve people and didn't feel crowded at all.  No one cared that the sofa just happened to be right behind them.  

I purchased two long folding tables and put them end to end to make this super long table.  I made it look cohesive by running a roll of beautiful wallpaper down the middle.  If you purchase a wallpaper that is wipeable, you can roll it up at the end of the night and reuse it at your next dinner party! I even cut placemats out of wallpaper.  I asked our friends to bring chairs, I smuggled chairs in from the courtyard, and we made our bohemian dinner party work.



  • Keep your table decor low, you should easily see the person sitting across from you.
  • Use pretty votive candles around your whole home and table.  They bring a magical, twinkling feel and set the tone for the party.
  • Do not use scented candles or too fragrant of flowers.  A large part of enjoying food is because it pleases all senses.
  • Place bottles of wine and water on your table so your guests (and you) can enjoy your time without leaving the table every five minutes for refills.
  • Think outside the box with flower arrangements or candle holders.  Use a pretty food can or bottle to hold flowers, place votives in dainty tea cups.  The sky is the limit! 

This is a dinner party I threw for my book club.  It was smaller, more casual, and our book was food themed.  I used colorful plum tomato cans to hold my gorgeous peonies.  It was hit!