The husband took me to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  Sounds glamourous, but I pretty much served as craft services for the shoot he was producing.  I happily grilled up burgers and dogs in the beautiful house we shot at, and we fully took advantage of their wonderful beaches.  On the way into town we passed by the gorgeous courthouse and I made Brian promise me that we'd tour it on the way out.  We did, and it was AMAZING!  Is that where the citizens of Santa Barbara go for a speeding ticket? If so, sign me up! Every courthouse I've been in is has terrible fluorescent lighting that makes everyone's skin a sickly green. This Spanish Colonial building is an architectural marvel... 

When we first passed the grounds we thought it was a university. We soon frolicked in the lush green grass.

Main hallway of the courthouse.

One of the many beautiful hallways I found here. Everywhere I turned had something gorgeous!

Is this real life? There were amazing details in every corner of this room.

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