So I was promised the best pie in my life, and you guys, I think we found it.  Our friend Maxine took us to an adorable pie shop here in the Arts District of downtown L.A. called quite simply, The Pie Hole.  It has a very simple and stark interior and the dreaded hipster occupies the corners with their open Mac Books.  But I digress, I'm here to talk pie.  


They have an assortment of savory and sweet pies here and a menu that changes daily.  I had a chicken cornmeal pot pie and a slice of earl grey tea pie.  OHMIGOD, THAT DOUGH.  My pot pie was so flaky and delicious.  I don't know what's in, but I've been dreaming of that buttery flaky pie crusts for days. My earl grey tea pie was amazing! Silky layers of earl grey infused custard, a super thin layer of dark chocolate nestled between the crust and the custard, then topped with fresh whipped cream and crushed pistachios.

But Brian was the winner that day.  He ordered apple pie, a pie I would never order because you can get it everywhere,  BUT THIS WAS DIFFERENT.  It was a mile high, and had that same wonderful flaky crust of the pot pie.  Then they sprinkled sugar on top and bruleed the beast, creating an amazing crunchy layer to the top.  The apples still had snap and weren't decimated into goo and it was just… I didn't even get to take a picture of it because it was inhaled.  So Angelenos, go to there, put your fat pants on forget your juice cleanse.