You could really drop me off in a Paper Source and leave me in there for hours.  You would probably find me later, wandering the aisles with glitter and paper bits stuck to me, my basket full of useless pretty things. I just really love fancy cards, paper, gift wrap, and knick knacks.  Those fancy cards can sometimes cost an arm and a leg though, it's a little ridiculous.  I've seen some for up to $10 a pop!

For those of you who want to make them yourself, it's super fun and satisfying.  It's also completely customizable for birthdays, Christmas, and bar mitzvahs!  Make your own wedding invitations, just buy a custom stamp from  Etsy.  

This tutorial will show you how to emboss.  These will really make your cards look really professional and finished.  Embossing is a process creating either a raised or recessed relief into paper.  In this case, we are going to create a raised image.



  • Heat gun. Martha Stewart makes a quality product. Find here.
  • Embossing powder.  These come in plain, metallic, glitter. Possibilities are endless!
  • Stamps. I bought a case with the whole alphabet, but any image or pattern will work. 
  • Cardstock or paper
  • Soft clean brush
  • Embossing ink pad

STEP 1: Press your stamp firmly into the ink pad.  Make sure that the ink is thick and even on your stamp. *QUICK TIP* If using alphabet stamps like me, tape them together to make a block so your letters are straight and even.


STEP 3:  Give the paper a really good tap to remove excess powder.  VERY carefully you can brush away any excess powder lingering with your soft brush.


STEP 2: Press your stamp firmly and evenly on the paper.  Sprinkle embossing powder over the ink.  You can pick up the paper and move it around to cover your surface. It's like sprinkling glitter on glue, remember?!


STEP 4:  Move the heat gun over in small circles over your image about 5 inches from your paper.  You will notice immediately when it changes.  The embossing powder will plasticize and raise from the paper. Make sure it's been evenly melted and let cool for a few seconds.  CAUTION: Stop right when it all melts, if you leave the gun on your paper too long it will burn both the powder and paper.

Here is a close up of a fully embossed image.  The metallic reads clearer on camera than the red powder.

Here is a close up of a fully embossed image.  The metallic reads clearer on camera than the red powder.

GO CRAZY!  You can emboss any paper surface and experiment (I successfully did it on velvet ribbon!).  Use all your skills to make your own super fancy cards or invitations.