I first saw a tutorial on this in my Design Sponge book and I decided to make it even easier.  I simply cut the letters out of felt and used fabric glue to adhere them to the pillows.  I made my pillow cases but you can just as easily buy cheapie ones from Ikea or Target.


  • An already made pillowcase or one that you made yourself
  • 2 pieces of contrasting felt (just by the sheets found at the craft store for like 34 cents!
  • Fabric glue


  1. Find a font that you would like to use.  Enlarge it so that it will fit your pillow. Make a second one, slightly larger. 
  2. I freehanded mine so I made a pattern out of a paper shopping bag (recycling ya'll!).
  3. Pin the paper to the felt and carefully cut it out.  
  4. Cut a slightly larger letter for your contrasting "shadow."
  5. Glue the larger contrasting fabric down first.  Sandwich a piece of cardboard in between so the glue doesn't seep.  I glued mine before I sewed my pillowcases together.
  6. Then glue the smaller one on top, skewing it slightly in any direction you choose to create your shadow. 

Voila, you have a new, totally custom pillow!