Awards season is upon us and I love a good awards show!  Every year we try to see all the movies nominated and let's be honest, I'm there for the dresses.  I love seeing what Jennifer Lawrence is going to blurt out or if Taylor swift will be heckled.  You get to judge people's fashion choices from the comforts of your own home!  It's essentially the ultimate mean girl's show.

So when the ladies come over I like to put out a good cheese plate.  Everyone loves cheese.  It's essentially a no brainer.  With a little bit of panache, you can set out a really beautiful and impressive spread. 


I like to pick at least three cheeses.   A blue cheese of sorts, a hard cheese, and a soft cheese.  That way, there's something for everyone!  I ALWAYS include fruit on my cheese plate.  There needs to be a tart/sweet accompaniment or you'll feel like you're drowning in cheese (though that sounds like an okay way to go).

I added quince paste to my plate.  It is a delicious combination with a salty, creamy cheese.  You can otherwise use honey, apple butter, or a preserved fruit of sorts (try candied kumquats!).   Smoked almonds would also be a wonderful choice.  You can't really go wrong.  Cheese is nectar to the gods or at least to us fatties of the world.


Throw in some dips, chips, some pretty cookies and a bottle of wine and you've got yourself a serious spread!