Bright and Cheery Nursery

You guys, I'm back! It's only taken two years to feel like I have some sort of control over my life, but here we are!  Better late than never.

I made a tiny human and it turned our lives completely topsy-turvy. Apparently, forming said tiny human makes you do insane things like fall asleep standing in a utility closet at work.  We also decided to move while I was pregnant, which catapulted me into a frantic state of painting and redecorating.  We had a strict deadline of July 4th, which was the date of our baby shower/housewarming/July 4th BBQ.  The next weekend, much to our surprise, Vivienne was born. 10 whole weeks early. 

Luckily, we had finished the nursery just in time for her arrival.  I wanted her room to be colorful and bright, and the very basic, beige-walled box that we started with proved to be a challenge.  It was so hard moving from our architecturally interesting Spanish-style apartment to a space that felt small, cramped and plain.  Her room sat for almost a month filled to the brim with boxes and furniture we didn't know what to do with.  This stressed me out to no end. I had to shut the door so I wouldn't see the constant reminder of my failures on my way to bathroom. Slowly but surely, we cleared the clutter, and my lovely friends came over and lent a hand painting the nursery. 



Four adults, two dogs and 3 coats later, the room (and one of the dogs) was covered in this vibrant, rich peacock blue color.  I wanted the room to be fun and interesting, so instead of a traditional pink girls room, I chose all of the colors! I kept all the large pieces white and added little pops of bold color through bedding, drapery, and fun accessories. I ended up with a quirky and engaging space that is full of life.  It makes me so happy being in there and I can only hope lil' Vivi feels the same!



1) CRIB: Jenny Lind Crib, Target $199 I love this crib! I found this on and it's much less than comparable cribs. It's also on wheels which make moving it out to vacuum or store things under and around it a breeze.

2) CRIB BEDDING: Famer's Market Lemon Crib Sheet, Land of Nod $19 These particular lemon ones aren't available anymore but Land of Nod has the BEST bedding.  The hand is nice and thick and it has a cooling cotton sheen. I was sure to grab the blueberry set and coordinating strawberry changing pad cover too. I say, buy at least 3 sets.  I purchased a plain white crib skirt on Amazon to hide all the under crib storage and sewed on the pink pom pom trim from Jo-Anns. Also, that crib bumper is no regular bumper.  It's mesh and breathable!

3) ROCKER OR GLIDER: Finn Rocker, Rachel Ashwell, $2244 Okay, I know your eyeballs just fell out of your head when you read the price, but this was gifted to us by a very generous friend. I'm never getting rid of it, because this is officially the nicest anything I own besides my wedding rings.  Obviously you don't need this one, but get the most comfortable chair you can afford, because you're practically going to be living in this sucker.  Even though my late night feedings are over, I still spend a ton of time in this chair!  The watermelon pillow and pear print pillow from Ikea pull together my fruity theme. 

4) RUG: Zigzag Wool Rug, West Elm Gosh, I don't remember how much this guy was, but look, the runner is on sale for $99! Get a rug for those chubby little knees!  A fiber like wool cleans well and feels nice. 

5) STORAGE: Rain Gutter Bookshelves, tutorial hereYes, you read that right.  I made bookshelves out of rain gutters.  It was inexpensive and completely customizable.  And people love gifting you baby books so you'll need the storage!

6) DRAPERY WITH BLACKOUT OPTIONS: Pierre Frey Drapery, $$$ My official title at work is a Textile Specialist. What's that, you say?  It essentially means that I know a lot of random information about textiles and that I am now a certifiable snob when it comes to fabric.  Because of this, I get a lot of beautiful and pricey freebies.  These curtain panels were made with such freebies. Vivi can now say she has French drapery from one of the oldest textile houses in the world in her room. This is one lucky baby. Not showing is the cheapo black out roller that we installed behind her drapery.  This is tantamount to baby's sleeping success!

7) CHANGING TABLE: South Shore Changing Table, Overstock, $270  Honestly, I wish we bought another changing table.  This one came in ONE MILLION PIECES.  It took me about 8 hours to build, and I'm pretty handy!  The drawers also don't pull out very far which bugs me to no end.  How will I ever see the teeny tiny socks that are in the back of the drawer?!  I say, get a nice dresser and buy a changing mat and a cute cover. Our cover is quilted so it's nice and cozy. Done and done!

8) LAUNDRY HAMPER: 3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper, Amazon $20 Keep one nearby, you'll need it. This is light and it has handles so it's easy to lug around.

9) DIAPER PAIL: Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, BabyRUs, $80 This diaper pail barely peeking out to the right of the changing table is great!  It really fits a ton and doesn't take special bags.  You can use the trash bags you already have on hand which is not the case for most pails.  Most importantly, it does a great job of sealing the stinkies in :) It also comes in a ton of colors!

10) WHITE NOISE MACHINE: Dohm Sound Machine, Amazon, $50 Not pictured, but essential!  Viv sleeps with this soothing sound machine every night and with every nap.  It blocks helps block out the sounds of daily life and noisy puggles.

Overall I'm so pleased with how this room turned out. It's filled with love, light, and treasures from friends and family from all over the world.  I think this room is a true reflection of her joyous spirit and I hope that it grows well with her.