So this is where we live now.  It's like my very own studio.  I find immense joy in designing rooms and this tiny hamlet of a home has bore the brunt of it.  My husband is truly the most patient man alive, and I am so blessed to have him.  I'm especially lucky that he can reach the highest of ceilings with a paint pole.

I have a confession though - sometimes everything does not go as planned.  I once lived like a mermaid and it's all Brangelina and Anthropolgie's fault.  

Did you see Mr. & Mrs. Smith?  Do you remember that beautiful room they stayed in with the gorgeous crumbling turquoise walls?  Oh you don't because you're a normal person? You don't get distracted by wall color and forget two of the most attractive people on the planet are tussling on the bed before you? Well it happened, and that stupid wall haunted me for years.

Then the Anthro (it's what the kids say) catalog comes in.  In it, the very same turquoise hue made my heart ache.  I declared that I would conquer the weekend and finally get the the turquoise I've been longing for! I painstakingly layered three colors of paint to age and texture the walls. And then it happened, it was too late, I had accidentally created Ariel's underwater cove.  I definitely had whozits and whatsits galore and it made all my thingamabobs look crazy.  I lived with it for a few months, sometimes really liking it, but it wasn't the serene room I was seeking.  Here's what it looked like...




So finally we purchased a new couch, a steal off of Craigslist and I marched myself to Restoration Hardware and asked for the color on the walls. At last, serenity...

AFTER  Ahhhhh…so much more serene.


Ahhhhh…so much more serene.